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Last updated 10th May 2023

Pray for Our Nation and Diocese

During Holy Week we are reminded how key transition moments of earth-shattering significance were undergirded by time spent by Jesus in prayer, and marked by symbolism which has resonated for two millennia.

Pray for Transition Moments

Over the next few months, there will be key transition moments in the life of our nation and our Diocese. After Easter, we have opportunities to undergird these in prayer. Bishop Jill has recorded a video message to summarise these. Click here to view this.  In her message, Bishop Jill recalls an inspiring story.  In 1727, following spiritual renewal a small village community in Herrnhut, decided to pray 24-7 for mission for a weekend, simply by allocating one-hour slots amongst them. This continued for 100 years and led to tremendous missionary energy which traced its roots to this community of Moravians. We don’t propose 100 years. But it’s worth starting somewhere.  

Pray for our King and Communities

In the lead up to the Coronation of King Charles III, the Church of England, encouraged us to pray for him, the royal family and community events promoted through The Big Help Out and The Big Lunch

In a once-in-a-generation moment, the people of the County came together to celebrate the first Coronation in 70 years ... and The Church of England in Lancashire was at the heart of many of those celebrations.   Social Media coverage has been collated and can be found here on our news page.

Bishop Philip has recorded a primary assembly about the symbolism undergirding the Coronation. The video can be viewed here.

Pray from Ascension to Pentecost (18-28 May) for Thy Kingdom Come

Following the Coronation, between the period of Ascension (18 May) and Pentecost (28 May) we are invited to join in with Christians around the world, praying 24/7, for Thy Kingdom Come. We would love to encourage people to get involved in praying for people to come to faith. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Make use of the Thy Kingdom Come resources. These include: a Novena; a Prayer Journal; Commissioning prayers; Cheeky Pandas materials for children and 23 ideas to encourage prayer. Information about these resources can be found here and can be ordered here.
  • Join with us in prayer at the start and end of Thy Kingdom Come, Thursday 18 May, 8- 8.30am and Sunday 28 May, 8-8.30am. To get the zoom link to join us, please email We would love to pray for people involved in different spheres including: church; family; education; the economy; government; media; arts, sports; health and law.
  •   For the 10 days of Thy Kingdom Come, we would like to cover Lancashire with as much prayer as possible. There are also a number of churches hosting 24-7 prayer rooms (details to follow). Many of our healthcare chaplains are also covering our hospitals in prayer from 9 am on Saturday 20th May until 9 am on Sunday. You may wish to set up a prayer corner in your school or church.  If so, ideas for prayer can be found here.
  • You can also let us know when you are praying during Thy Kingdom Come. It will be an encouragement to know the names of groups, churches or schools that are joining together in prayer across Lancashire. A 24/7 prayer calendar for our diocese has been created by Joy Rushton, our Being Witnesses Manager. Please use this link and follow these steps:
  1. Choose your prayer slot by clicking on the calendar
  2. Click grey box entitled ‘Proceed as guest’
  3. Enter the name of your church, school or prayer group
  4. Leave email address box blank
  5. Scroll down to the privacy policy and tick this box. Your details will be hidden from others except for you and the prayer room organiser (Being Witnesses Manager)
  6. Click red box ‘Book as guest’
  7. Click red box ‘Finish.’
  • Let us know answers to prayer by emailing


Pray for Health Care: 24 Hours of Prayer

Saturday 20th May from 9 am onwards

In the lead up to  Pentecost the Hospital Chaplains across Lancs & S Cumbria and the Christian Medical Fellowship would like to invite you to pray in our hospital chapels for patients and staff in our healthcare system.800 prayer cards have been printed to distribute to our hospital wards to ask for prayer requests.

Bishop Jill Duff & Dr Paul Wadeson explain how you can get involved on this video.


If you wish to get involved, please sign up for a  slot on this live spreadsheet.  Or email to book or send prayer requests


  • Morecambe Bay Chapels
  • Lancaster - RLI 24 hours
  • Kendal - WGH 24 hours
  • Preston - RPH - 24 hours
  • Barrow - FGH - see spreadsheet for times
  • Blackpool - see spreadsheet for times

Pray Every Day for Our Diocese

In addition, at this key time of transition for our Diocese, Bishop Philip’s Confirmation of Election in York Minster as Bishop of Blackburn took place on 25th April and his Installation in Blackburn Cathedral will be on Saturday 24th June at 2pm in Blackburn Cathedral.

Information about how you can keep praying every day for our diocese can be found here.  To subscribe to the daily email, please click the link here to receive the prayer topics for each day, every day, direct to your inbox first thing in the morning.

Thank you for praying. Words cannot express thanks for all you do seen and unseen in your service of Jesus and the extending of His kingdom in Lancashire.