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Last updated 22nd November 2018

Parish Share 2019

The Parish Share Budget leaflet for 2019 contains an overview of the 2018 Budget in graphic form; other general information and advice and helpful pointers about where to get more information and assistance.

The leaflet contains an important message from Bishop Julian and David Barlow, Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance. 

Via the links below there are a variety of helpful resources for viewing and downloading to assist in understanding Parish Share and this year's budget; as well as for explaining the latest budget to fellow parishioners. 

All Treasurers, incumbents and PCC members have received a copy of the budget leaflet and once they have read it they are encouraged to promote what it says using their regular local communications channels, such as parish magazines, websites and simple word of mouth.

The digital version of the leaflet can be viewed online or downloaded to a local laptop for viewing or for printing further copies ... 

Further resources ...

  •  PowerPoint presentation delivered by Board of Finance Chair, David Barlow, at Diocesan Synod in October 2018
  •  Written copy of David's presentation for reading in conjunction with the above slides.
  •  Video presentation: To come soon. 
  •  Resourcing the mission of God in Lancashire: A important Diocesan meeting attended by more than 200 people from our parishes took place in March 2018. Keynote speaker was Canon Dr John Spence CBE, Chair of Archbishop's Council Finance Committee. Read more about the meeting and listen to the talks, including John Spence. 

If you have any questions about the Diocesan Budget budget or your Parish Share calculation, please contact our Finance Team via the Diocesan Office main switchboard number 01254 503070.

More useful links ...