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Last updated 16th October 2019

Parish Safeguarding Toolkit

The Parish Safeguarding Checklist is a short summary of the what a parish needs to do to meet its safeguarding requirements. 

The documents below are templates the Diocese recommends and further resources from the National Safeguarding Team can be found at Church of England Safeguarding Resources


Safeguarding Children

Factsheet - Sexting (Youth Produced Sexual Imagery) Dec 2018
Guidance on Staffing Levels/Ratios Jun 2015 
Guidance on Unaccompanied and Uncollected Children Jun 2015
Model Registration Form - Activities & Trips Dec 2018
Parental consent for children Mar 2018
Photograph/video consent form Mar 2018

Safeguarding Adults

Dementia Factsheet - Making Decisions & Handling Difficult Situations Jun 2018
Domestic Abuse Disclosure Flowchart Mar 2018
Guidance for Undertaking Activities in Your Own Home Jun 2015
Good Principles when Visiting Vulnerable Adults Nov 2017

General Documents

A list of important telephone numbers Jan 2019
PCC Parish Safeguarding Checklist July 2019
Parish Safeguarding Handbook (Oct 2018) Oct 2018
Model Parish Safeguarding Policy Dec 2018
Parish Safeguarding Audit 2019 July 2019
Parish Safeguarding Audit - Areas for Action July 2019
Parish Safeguarding Audit - Confidential Information Form July 2019
Safeguarding Records Retention Dec 2015
Model Parish Recording Template Dec 2018
Promoting a Safer Church Poster Dec 2018
Parish Who's Who Dec 2018
Engaging with Social Media  
What to do when an offender wants to worship at your church Dec 2017
First Aid Jun 2015

Model Agreement /Consent Forms

Hall Hire Agreement Jun 2015

Model Safeguarding Provision that can be attached to any Hire of Church Premises Agreement 

Dec 2018
Model Consent Form - Transport Dec 2018
Model Volunteer Driver Agreement Dec 2018

Risk Assessment Templates

Model Personal Risk Assessment Tool Dec 2018
Model Activity Risk Assessment Dec 2018
Model Risk Assessment Checklist for Home Visiting Dec 2018

For guidance on Health and Safety policies for parishes, the following may be helpful:

 Ecclesiastical – Church Health & Safety

 Safer recruitment document templates can be found in the safer recruitment/dbs section of the safeguarding page