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Last updated 9th August 2017

Northern Prayerhouse

The North of England has a long history of being a House of Prayer.  From the Celtic saints of Northumbria, the great abbeys, the Cathedrals and Minsters, the early dissenters and Quakers, the Methodist revival in the midst of the industrial revolution, there has been a deep spiritual longing to transform the world as it is into the world as it ought to be. Together Lancashire invites faith groups across the North of England to take part in prayer events and activities with a focus on tackling poverty and deprivation during October and November each year

What is The Northern Prayerhouse?

We will pass prayers from area to area across the North of England - these are collected together in a booklet (2016 final document)

You are asked to pray for those challenged by poverty and those supporting them.  You will pray prayers from a neighbouring area and add your own.  Your prayers will be added to the 'basket'  and easily be transferred via an electronic ‘basket’ to the next neighbouring area.  If you want you could journey to neighbouring centres in person as “pilgrim heralds/angels/messengers”. Together Lancashire will coordinate the movement of prayers from prayer event to event.

What do you have to do?

Each local area is invited to hold a prayer event to pray for those in a neighbouring area as well as their own.  An area might be a local parish or congregation, a home group or prayer cell, or the staff, volunteers and service users of a local community project or food bank.  Or it could be an inter-church network or a group of projects that work together. Their prayers would then be passed to the next area electronically by email.

Each local area will decide which aspect(s) of the web of poverty to focus on.  There could be several strands coming together in one place, or a series of strands on different days, eg homelessness, food poverty – that is for the area to decide.  Make it manageable and simple.


Each local prayer event would take place in October and into November.  We want people to feel part of a larger movement which is making a difference.

How it will work

Sign up to the Northern Prayerhouse with dates and locations (town or area) of prayer meetings.

All the prayers from one area will be put in an email (If you write prayers on post its or flip charts just take a photo of them and of your event and attach it) and passed to the next area – which would pray those prayers, then pray their own.  As well as recognising our dedication to our communities, we can talk about social justice (or rather injustice).  We could share stories highlighting the distress caused by poverty and how we as organisations are responding. 

Each local area organisation is responsible for the organisation of its own prayer event and for collecting prayers to put into the electronic basket.  You will also be responsible for sending out your own invitations, and arranging any local publicity. 

Joining it all up

Together Lancashire is the lead body in co-ordinating the movement of prayers from event to event and will provide a Facebook group and/or blog to use as the ‘basket’ to share prayers.  Once we know who is taking part we will make linkages between different localities.  There will be a comments and responses section where people can record any answers to prayer, relevant Scriptures etc.

Prayers will be Answered


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