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Last updated 18th June 2017

Mission preparation resources

A basic rule in planning a mission is…‘If we do something, God will do something; if we do nothing, nothing will happen’. 

The most effective way to ensure that people come along to your outreach event is to personally invite them along.  There are three things we can all do to help ensure that people come along to events that we have put so much effort into organising.

  • Firstly, we can PRAY – ask God to show us who we can invite to an event so they hear about His love for them. Why not pick five people that you will pray for regularly?
  • Secondly, we can personally INVITE people – One way of doing this is simply to say “I’m going, it’s going to be good, would you like to come”.
  • Thirdly, once we’ve invited someone, BRING them along - offer them a lift, so they arrive with a friend rather than alone.

Once we’ve personally invited people, then use other means of communication to remind people about what is happening and when and where, so producing posters and invitations can help reinforce the personal invitation.

Websites and social media

Make sure you promote your outreach events and Mission Weekends on your website homepage (if your church has a website).

On the build-up to your event and throughout the event itself, you should maximise the use of social media - for example, to profile events and engage with people to introduce them to Jesus. 

  • If you have a church Facebook page and Twitter account for example, make sure you post details about your events and respond to any requests for more information. The same goes for any other social media you are using, such as YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. 
  • If you use Twitter, follow @cofelancs and for maximum impact please include @cofelancs in your tweets

The Parish Mission Support team are available to answer any questions that you might have: David.Banbury@Blackburn.Anglican.Org Tel 01254 503070

Resources used for the diocese-wide Crossroads Mission in September 2016

The following resources were produced by the Parish Mission Support team to support parishes in their preparation for Crossroads in 2016. Whilst the date has passed, the principles are still relevant for planning any mission event.