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In January each year McCabe Travel runs an introductory tour for prospective leaders which is the ideal preparation for leading a church or community group on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

From 23-30 January 2020 we are offering an introductory tour direct from Manchester. The subsidised cost is £595 for church leaders and £715 for spouses. As an added incentive, the group leader cost is refunded if a future pilgrimage with McCabe is planned.

For more than 35 years McCabe Travel has combined empathy for the needs of the UK Church with professional expertise in organising pilgrimages to the Holy Land and further afield. Visiting the lands of the Bible and places of Christian historical interest is a powerful experience. Pilgrimage is about travelling, living and worshipping together when often the journey can become more significant than the destination. Many groups choose the Holy Land but the destinations currently offered by McCabe include Iran, Romania, Georgia, Ethiopia and Turkey as well as walking the Santiago Way in Spain. In 2020 McCabe will be the biggest UK Pilgrimage company offering trips to the Oberammergau Passion Play.

A more detailed leaflet can be obtained here.

For more details call 020 8675 6828 or contact Lynne McCabe