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Last updated 5th August 2022

Eco-mission event builds links with local school

A Parish Vision Champion has used her work as part of the M:Power programme to support environmental mission work and develop closer links with the local primary school.

As part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project for the Platinum Jubilee, Baines’ Endowed Church of England Primary Academy received a tree. As there was nowhere suitable for it to be planted in the school grounds, it was decided that it should be planted in the church grounds.  Jacqui Cookson, Vision Champion at St Paul’s Marton, who is also a Governor at the school, asked if the tree could be planted during the Church eco-event.

Jacqui had started a church eco-group and through this arranged an eco-event which was attended by children, parents and others from the local area who have an interest in the environment and the Christian commitment to be stewards of the earth.  The event provided the opportunity for the school to work with the church and for both groups to participate in planting the Jubilee tree.  Mission in an eco-context was undertaken with the local community through carrying out prayer activities, offering refreshments (eco ones, homemade soup and fruit) and providing information about recycling.

Another eco-event is planned for the Autumn and it is hoped that such events will become a regular fixture in the church calendar as part of Vision 2026 Being Witnesses.  This will enable St Paul’s to continue working with the school to raise awareness of the need to care for God’s world. 

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