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Last updated 15th January 2019

Diocesan Conference: Speakers

On this page of the Diocesan Conference resources section of the website, you will find various materials to help you engage with the thoughts of the key speakers who appeared at the event across four days.

Use this videos to help shape discussions in your parishes; share them with your church family and friends and play sections in services and meetings and as part of parish awaydays. 

You can also view the official Conference highlights video here.

With thanks to Norman Ivison of Bowland Media. 

Bishop Julian's closing remarks (his 'charge') to delegates at end of conference

Additional files for download: 

Transcription of Bishop Julian's opening remarks to conference

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing on Apologetics

Additional files for download: 

What Apologetics is and why it matters - summary of talk

Audio version of Apologetics talk

Tim Farron MP on Discipleship and living as a Christian in politics

Additional files for download: 

Rt Rev. Pete Wilcox, Bishop of Sheffield, on Future Hope

Additional files for download: 


Professor Ben Quash on Atonement

Additional files for download: 

PDF of images to accompany talk

Rt Rev. Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington, on Incarnation

Additional files for download: 

Rt Rev. and Rt Hon. The Lord Richard Chartres, former Bishop of London 

Below is an audio file link (no video available) to download the evening talk given by the Rt Rev. and Rt Hon. The Lord Chartres to the diocesan conference. 


Professor Jennifer Strawbridge - Reflection

Below is an audio file link (no video available) of the 'Reflection' given by Professor Jennifer Strawbridge, plus two related PowerPoints.



Ronnie Semley, January 2019