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Last updated 15th August 2018

Diocesan accounts

The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Finance was formed in 1927 to manage the financial affairs and hold the assets of the Diocese.

The members of Bishop's Council are the Board of Trustees and are the company directors in law. Diocesan Synod has delegated the following functions to the Directors of the BDBF:

  • transacting the business of the Diocesan Synod when not in session 
  • management of the funds and property of the Diocese  
  • preparation of the annual Parish Share Budget 
  • advising on  action needed to raise the income necessary to finance expenditure 
  • oversight of expenditure by bodies in receipt of Diocesan Synod’s funds against estimates of expenditure approved by Diocesan Synod 
  • advising Diocesan Synod of the financial aspects of its policy and on any other matters referred to it; and 
  • carrying out any other functions delegated by Diocesan Synod.

Blackburn Diocesan Board of Finance Limited, a company limited by Guarantee in England No 225457, Registered Charity Number 247647

Registered Office Diocesan Offices, Clayton House, Walker Office Park, Blackburn BB1 2QE

The Diocesan Board of Education is a separate legal entity and a charity in its own right. 

Diocesan Board of Finance Trustees' Annual Report and Financial Statements

The Trustees' Annual Report and  Finance Statements are usually presented at the Diocesan Synod in July following the year end (31st December).