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Last updated 26th March 2020

Content for 'The See'

PLEASE NOTE: The See magazine is currently suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak; there will be no costs incurred by parishes for The See during the suspension. The April edition had just been printed when the lockdown occurred. You can read a revised pdf version of that edition below. The See will return in magazine format in due course. Any questions about The See in relation to the suspension, please email 

What this page contains ...

  • The information you need to submit content for the Diocesan magazine 'The See'; including deadline dates and advice on formats in which to submit articles.
  • Link to the main digital archive page for The See magazine
  • Link to a 'practical information page' about advertising in The See; formats available for parishes to order and delivery information for parishes. 


The See content: 'People and Places'

The deadline for submission of articles for The See’s ‘People and Places’ pages is the first of every month for the following month (eg October 1 for a November edition) but earlier submissions are always welcome!

Send all pieces for potential inclusion to

Your contribution for People and Places MUST be submitted in completed form and as a Word file only. Please keep your submission brief … ideally 75 words … 100 words maximum. Please note that contributions will be edited according to space available and submission is not a guarantee of appearance. While we will always endeavour to feature everything we receive, we cannot guarantee to do so.

The See content: Other articles

If you wish to submit a more substantial piece for consideration in The See we will be delighted to hear from you. It may also be used elsewhere, such as on this website. 

The Editor of The See is the Diocesan Communications Manager Ronnie Semley. Ronnie can be reached via email on in the first instance.

Please do not assume a longer article submitted, without prior contact to discuss submission, will automatically be used. Space in the magazine is always at a premium and no article can ever be guaranteed to appear. 

All editions of The See are planned well in advance. With space always very limited and in high demand it is important to remember to 'check first; write second'! And the more notice you can give us of an impending article the better.

Other submission criteria for articles (except ‘People and Places’ - see above):

  • Email the Diocesan Communications Manager (see above) before writing your piece. If accepted for publication you will be allocated either a half page slot (150 words plus picture) or a full page slot (300 words plus two pictures)
  • Articles must arrive in completed form by, or in advance of, a date agreed with the Diocesan Communications Manager and with appropriate pictures (unless it has been agreed the article can be included without pictures)
  • Professional pictures are ideal; amateur shots must be clear and well-composed - no backs of heads please! Follow this link for some handy tips to follow. We are sorry if it disappoints, but we always reserve the right not to use a picture if the quality or the composition is not good enough for publication
  • All pictures must have a caption, identifying everyone in the shot (for groups up to five people) or key people in the shot (for groups of six or more)
  • All articles will be edited according to the style and format of the The See. The Editor's decision on this will be final, although edited pieces may (on occasion) be shared back with the original writer if agreed in advance and enough time is given to do so. 

LATEST EDITIONS AND ARCHIVE EDITIONS: The very latest editions of The See magazine and our digital archive going back several years are on this page of our website

OTHER PRACTICAL INFORMATION: For an overview of the effectiveness of The See magazine; information about advertising in The See; full up-to-date information for parishes about current formats available to order monthly and their costs and finally for information about delivery of The See to parishes you can find further details on this page. 



Ronnie Semley (last updated July 2019)