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Last updated 7th May 2019

Churchwardens' training

Quite a number of people take up the important role of Churchwarden for the first time each year. For those, and other more experienced Wardens looking for a refresher, the Archdeacons hold a training event in each Archdeaconry once per year. If though you have queries, please contact either office on 01254 958836

Churchwardens' Briefings

We are as usual holding two briefings, one in each Archdeaconry.

Blackburn will be held on 4 July at 7pm at Whalley Abbey.  To book use this link

Lancaster will be held on 10 June starting at 7 pm with the admission of any wardens not yet sworn in, then the main event starting at 7.30 pm.  But do come at 7pm to network.  There are limited places available at this event at the Priory.  To book use this link 

The presentation used at the 2016 training events is a helpful resource. 

Tthe Archdeacons also suggest this booklist (2013) for Churchwardens and PCC members - many of the books may be available second hand via the usual websites.  You could also ask if previous wardens have a copies they could pass on to you.

The national Parish Resources website is agreat source of information for Churchwardens. 

We recommend that Churchwardens apply for a CofE Portal account Once registered you have easy access to a number of useful tools and national church websites in one place.