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Last updated 4th March 2019

Blackpool Ministry Experience

Do you know anyone aged 18 – 29 who might be interested in spending a year exploring ordained or lay ministry to see if it’s their vocation?

In line with Diocesan Vision 2026 – growing leaders - the Blackpool Ministry Experience is offering three places for young people to come and live in Blackpool for 10 months from September 2019.

Each participant will be assigned to a different church to spend time working there to see if this is their calling. They will also spend time in theological study and reflection. Participants will live together in the same house where all bills and expenses are paid and they will receive a monthly food allowance.

We would like to ask you to think and pray about this to see if you know any young people who might be interested in becoming involved.

Letter from Rev Linda Tomkinson about the Scheme

The scheme's participant's information guide

The application form

Read more about the Blackpool Ministry Experience:

Article by Josh Harrison, participant in year one

Article by Lizzie Haydon, participant in year one

To apply or to find out more, please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator Rev Linda Tomkinson tel: 07784 325537 or visit the Facebook page 



If you would like to see more of what Rev Linda Tomkinson does in Blackpool, please watch the video she took part in as part of our Vocations in Lancashire series on the Diocese of Blackburn YouTube Channel.