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Last updated 10th September 2021

Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2021

For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. (Matt 25:35)

The Mosamaria Trust

Bishop Julian has launched his annual Harvest Appeal which this year is supporting the Mosamaria Trust.  

Mosamaria is a charity which works with those most in need in our link diocese of The Free State, specifically supporting those who are impacted by the AIDS epidemic either directly or indirectly.

This year’s appeal will focus on two specific aspects of their work, their Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme (OVC) and their Adherence Programme.

Please click here to read Bishop Julian's letter introducing the Harvest Appeal for 2021.


The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme

The OVC Programme looks after children who have been orphaned by the various illnesses associated with AIDS. Often these children are looked after by their grandparents and live in the townships on the outskirts of cities like Bloemfontein.

Mosamaria holds after school clubs which provide food and education for these children. They teach through games and songs and help with homework. They also run a sports programme which is designed to develop their leadership and teamwork skills and gives opportunity to discuss things as simple as good hygiene.

Bishop Julian has seen this programme in action for himself as it feeds and supports some of the most vulnerable children in South Africa.

The Adherence Programme

The Adherence Programme is mostly aimed at adults who must take their antiretroviral medicines. This sounds simple enough but often the state clinics are run during the day and people must choose between working and receiving their medicines. For families on the breadline this is often a very difficult choice.

The adherence programme encourages people to attend the clinics and is able to support families and individuals by allowing people to come to their own clinics before or after work.

This means people do not have to make that choice between being fed and staying well, and has huge long term impacts on the wellbeing of these families.

The Charity have reported that their most urgent need at present is to have burglar guards installed on the windows of the children’s centre at St.Patrick’s church. They have had numerous break ins and have lost food that had been bought to cook for the children as well as buckets of peanut butter – they buy it in wholesale quantities. The latest burglary included the theft of their WiFi modum without which they cannot operate. It costs R5,000 ( 250 pounds)to have a new one installed.

Blackburn Diocesan Links with Mosamaria

Our Diocese has close links with the work of Mosamaria.

A youth team visited Mosamaria and helped build a shack and dig some vegetable patches.  The Revd Sam Cheesman, Bishop's Chaplain, joined in.

The Blackburn Diocese Mosamaria Trust Fund was set up in 2014.  The Trust encourages fundraising.  Two children, Isaac and Laurie, from Christ Church Primary School in Lancaster were inspired to undertake a sponsored walk to help one of the young people who attends Mosamaria.  Thulo had to walk 10 miles to get to school and back.  Before setting off, he would be up at 4 am to fetch water from the communal tap.

Trudie Harrison, Programme Coordinator, was able to take Thulo to town to buy a bicycle with the proceeds from the sponsored walk.  He had never been into a shopping mall before, or a parking garage, and had never ridden on an escalator before. These were all very exciting new experiences for him.  As a result of the children's fundraising, Thulo is able to get to school in less than an hour.



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