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Last updated 7th June 2017

Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2017

The two organisations selected to benefit from the 2017 Harvest Appeal are:

Tree Aid works to create thriving, sustainable communities throughout the isolated and remote regions of Africa. They work with locally-based teams in the drylands of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger and the isolated areas of Ethiopia, working with communities to build skills, knowledge and self-reliance. 

  • Gives vital food all year round, with trees that can survive droughts.
  • Helps people earn an income for basic needs like food, education and health.
  • Protects the environment using trees, land and water to protect and improve it.
  • Defends people’s rights to the trees and land on which they rely for survival.

Tree Aid recognises that trees are vital sources of food in Africa’s dry areas. The example used is of a family in Ghana. During the dry season food stocks dwindled but the planting of trees has enabled families to harvest fruit, nuts and leafy greens packed with vitamins ensuring they have something to eat all year round - even during the hungry months.

The Christian Aid partner in Burundi, AgriBusiness Services (ABS), is teaching farmers the specialist agriculture knowledge they need to help increase the amount of crops they can grow and to boost their earnings. Burundi has the right conditions to grow some of the best quality coffee in the world.

ABS shows farmers how to grow quality coffee plants, and, by unlocking this natural potential they are giving farmers the opportunity to escape poverty. Bonaventure is one of the Burundian farmers who has benefited from ABS training. He has more than doubled his coffee harvest. ‘Before I got the training I was getting around seven or eight tonnes of coffee beans  says Bonaventure. ‘But after the training I got 20 tonnes!’ The extra income Bonaventure earned from his crop has allowed him to send his children to school and improve his home.

Appeal leaflets, flyers and posters can be downloaded and printed locally or contact:

Rev Gary Lewis, The Vicarage, 5 Lancaster Road, Cockerham, Lancaster LA2 0EB


2016 Harvest Appeal outcome

Thank you to those parishes and individuals that gave just over £25,000 to the 2016 Harvest Appeal. Two thirds of the proceeds has been given to Christian Aid to help people affected by flooding in Colombia, and one third to Tariro, a Community of the Resurrection (Mirfield) agency for work with orphans in Zimbabwe.