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Last updated 5th June 2018

Being Witnesses Course Materials

Vision 2026 commits us to working towards being Healthy Churches Transforming Communities by

  • Making disciples for Jesus Christ
  • Being Witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • Growing Leaders for Jesus Christ

The Being Witnesses Course is designed to help church members feel more confident in sharing the Christian Faith with others.  This down-to-earth course has been created to help make faith sharing not just doable but also enjoyable.  Without imposing unrealistic expectations or making people feel inadequate ‘Being Witnesses’ adopts a practical step by step approach to faith sharing.

The Being Witnesses Study Course contains five sessions helping us focus on Being Witnesses to Jesus Christ.

  • Session 1 – Problems and Prayer
  • Session 2 – Our Faith Story
  • Session 3 – Asking Questions
  • Session 4 – The importance of invitation
  • Session 5 – Come and See

Being Witness is a down-to-earth course helping church members share their faith with others.  Copies will be sent to all parishes in January 2018, but you will find links to the following materials below.

  • Start here
  • Materials for course leaders
  • Materials for course participants
  • Course Videos (with subtitles)

Start Here

Materials for course leaders


Materials for course participants

We're sorry but the course participants' material on the CD-ROM for Session 4 is in the wrong order.  If you follow the order laid out in the guide for leaders, the session will work just fine, but if you want to print an updated copy that follows the order in the leader's guide, then you should use the link below. 

Materials - videos

The Vision 2026 Study Course films will be available to download from the Diocesan YouTube channel shortly, but there are links to the films below.