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Last updated 13th August 2018

Archdeacons' Annual (Deanery) Vsitations

Every year parishioners elect Churchwardens to represent them and to work with their parish priest in enabling Christian mission and ministry in their parish. In 2019, the Bishop of Blackburn will hold four primary visitations across the Diocese, where the Churchwardens are sworn in as officers of the Diocesan Bishop.  The dates and venues are below.


This page contains all the paperwork relating to election of Churchwardens, completion of the Articles of Enquiry, and other paperwork required to be legally compliant in the run up to the election of Churchwardens.  

The latest edition (2018) of the Archdeacons' Visitations News is here


Nomination as a Churchwarden

The Nomination Form for Churchwarden should be made publically available for anyone on the church electoral roll to nominate someone as Churchwarden. The Archdeacons do not need to see the the completed form(s).


Election of Churchwarden

The forms relating to the election of churchwardens can be found on the Parish Resources Website. .  This site also contains the forms for the election of PCC members, Deanery Synod mebers and administration of the electoral roll.

After election as a Churchwarden

After election at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), a Churchwarden should complete the Churchwarden's declaration either on-line (preferably) via this Survey Monkey link or print off and email the Declaration in Word format to Gillian.Beeley@Blackburn.Anglican.Org  Ideally Declarations should be completed before attending a Archdeacon's Visitation.


Articles of Enquiry 2018

This year, the Articles focus on communications.  They should be competed using your Parish Returns account.  The link to the Parish Returns page is here.  If your parish has not yet registered, then please contact us.  A PDF version can also be downloaded here  The email below was sent out from Dave Champness earlier this year.


To all Clergy and Churchwardens.

This year, rather than the usual wide-ranging questions from the departments we are seeking your views on the effectiveness of diocesan communications. Instead of using Survey Monkey along with other dioceses nationwide we are using the Parish Returns website (  through which most parishes already submit their Parish Mission and Finance returns, thus hopefully making the process easier.


Each parish should already have at least one nominated administrator/user for the Parish Returns website. If you aren't sure who that is, or need to register for the first time, please contact Kelly Fenwick at Clayton House ( or 'phone 01254 503073).


If you would prefer to complete the questions by hand, please click on the 'Download PDF' button and print the questions and then either:

a) scan the answers and attach in an e-mail back to Kelly Fenwick, or

b) send them by post to her at Clayton House, Walker Office Park, Blackburn, BB1 2QE remembering to add the name of your parish to the response.



We are very grateful for all you do and hope for a 100% response rate this year, as your answers will enable there to be better communication across the diocese, its parishes, communities and all who seek to live out our Diocesan vision of being Healthy Churches Transforming Communities.


Thank you for all that you do to support mission in your local community,


Primary Visitation Services

The Notice for the Church door or noticeboard is the official Invitation from the Archdeacon to Churchwardens and members of the PCC to attend a Visitation Service (usually). The notice should be displayed from the first Sunday after receiving the full documentation directly from the Archdeacon until the date of the Visitation. For the notice to display in your church, please click on the link below. (will be added early 2019)


A Churchwarden should confirm that the notice has been displayed by returning the notice confirmation form to , ideally by end April. 




13 May

20 May

21 May St Cuthbert’s Lytham

Church door notice

(click on name for link to document)

Visitation date Visitation time Visitation venue
Blackburn  Archdeaconry 2 May 7.30

St George's Chorley


Lancaster Archdeaconry 13 May 7.30

St Thomas Lancaster,


Blackburn Archdeaconry

20 May 7.30

St John’s,  Accrington,


Lancaster Archdeaconry 21 May 7.30

St Cuthbert's Lytham,