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Last updated 4th October 2017

Adoption Matters

Adoption Matters is a registered children’s charity and independent adoption agency who have been offering a high quality service to families since the formation of the Blackburn Diocesan Adoption Agency in 1947. The Bishop of Blackburn is joint President with the Bishop of Chester and the Board of Trustees has Diocesan representatives.

Adoption Matters Aims

Adoption Matters believe that children’s welfare and needs are paramount and aim for them to grow up in a secure and loving family who will best meet their long-term needs and who can help them to reach their full potential.

In order to do this and in recognition of the lifelong impact of adoption, the agency provides a comprehensive adoption service for all the parties involved, offering support and advice to prospective adopters, adoptive families, children, adopted children and adults and birth relatives, and an information, support and intermediary service to adopted people and birth relatives.

Services are offered to an area across the whole of the North West of England, North East Wales, parts of Yorkshire & Humber and to the South Staffordshire & Stoke; with offices in Chester, Blackburn (Cathedral), Hale, Salford, Warrington & Leeds and have staff bases in Wales, Staffordshire & the Midlands.  

An information pack is available for Blackburn Diocese that contains materials that churches can use to publicise the services provided by Adoption Matters 

History of Adoption Matters

2017 is 70th anniversary when the charity celebrates placing over 4,000 with their forever families.  

In 1947 Blackburn Diocesan Adoption Agency was formed. The Adoption of Children Act 1949 provided that placement of children for adoption would be supervised by local authorities. The Anglican Church has always taken its commitment to social responsibility very seriously – the Board for Social Responsibility dealt with adoption, homelessness, unemployment, social justice and more.  Eventually Adoption became a smaller part of this. 

In 2007 Chester Diocese Adoption Service and Blackburn Diocese Adoption Agency merged to become Adoption Matters Northwest providing a service across the whole of the North West.

For more information about Adoption Matter's history, take a look at the 70th Anniversary Leaflet .

Contact details (Blackburn office):

10 Cathedral Close



T: 0300 123 1066