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On these pages you will links to audio files of talks given in relation to the work of Vision 2026 - Healthy Churches, Transforming Communities. Where available there will also be links to text versions of the talks. 

Also where available there will be links to video versions of talks given that will be uploaded to our Diocesan YouTube channel. If you don't already subscribe to our channel, head on over there by clicking here and subscribe to get the first notification when a new video is uploaded. 

You can read more about the Vision here and also read here about plans for the next year or so as the Vision work begins to roll out across the Diocese. This is OUR vision and we will all contribute towards making it a reality and growing God's Kingdom in Lancashire.

The Vision 2026 Course videos can be accessed via the Diocesan YouTube channel here.

A transcript of the five videos in the course can be found in this document here.

Catholic Evangelism Evening with Bishop Philip and Bishop Julian

In December 2015 Bishop Philip led an evening on Catholic Evangelism in the context of Vision 2026 which was attended by around 100 people from across the Diocese of various traditions. He was joined on the evening by Bishop Julian. If you were unable to attend the event you can listen to their talks by clicking on this audio file link.

Temple Lecture: Guest speaker Rt Rev. John Pritchard

In November 2015 the Diocese played host to retired Bishop Rt Rev. John Pritchard, who led a number of events to help the Diocese to focus clearly on its prayer life and its response to Vision 2026. You can read the text of this talk, with pictures taken on the evening, by clicking here.

If you want to listen to the full Temple Lecture instead you can do so by clicking on this audio file link.

Diocesan Synod: Bishop Julian's Presidential Address

Bishop Julian used his recent Presidential address to call for courage to move ahead with Vision 2026: Healthy Churches Transforming Communities. 

  • An audio file of the Presidential Address can heard by clicking here.
  • The full text of his Presidential Address can also be read by clicking here.
  • A video version of the Presidential Address can be viewed on our YouTube channel here
Call to Prayer Events: October 2015

A series of six Calls to Prayer took place across the Diocese in October 2015. You can read more about those events here. 

Below are links to sound files of Call to Prayer talks. They were recorded at the final two evenings at St Andrew's in Leyland and Christ Church in Blackburn. Text files (where available) and video links (again where available) are also provided.

During the first week of the Prayer evenings Bishop Geoff delivered one of the talks. No sound file is available of this talk but a text-only version can be viewed here.
Finally the Prayer Evening in Padiham was attended by Joe Wilson from BBC Radio Lancashire who featured it on his Sunday morning programme. You can listen here until November 16. The prayer evening features at 1h 09m 45s; at 1h 42m 05s and 2h 52m 45s.

Vision Talks Lent 2015

In Lent 2015, as part of the initial work on articulating the vision and what it means for us as a Diocese, the Bishops, Archdeacons and the Dean of Blackburn all gave talks at the Cathedral in Blackburn and at Whalley Abbey. 

Two of the talks weren't recorded and text summaries of those (by Bishop Geoff and the Dean) are included on this page for reference. Notes are not available for the other talks - only the sound files available here.

First, Bishop Julian gave a three-part lecture on 'Spiritual Re-formation' at Blackburn Cathedral:

Bishop Julian: Spiritual Re-formation - Talk 1

Bishop Julian: Spiritual Re-formation - Talk 2

Bishop Julian: Spiritual Re-formation - Talk 3

Meanwhile at Whalley Abbey the other Bishops, Archdeacons and the Dean spoke on topics related to the vision:

Bishop Philip: Recovering confidence in the Gospel

Archdeacon John: Repentance, a stark prerequisite

Archdeacon Michael: Returning to the Scriptures

The following talks are available to read as pdfs:

Bishop Geoff:Returning to the scriptures

Dean Christopher: Regaining the Ministry of Intercession

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