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Crossroads Publicity

    The most effective way to ensure that people come along to your Crossroads Events, is to personally invite them along.  There are three things we can all do to help ensure that people come along to events that we have put so much effort into organising.

    • Firstly, we can PRAY – ask God to show us who we can invite to an event so they hear about His love for them.
    • Secondly, we can personally INVITE people – One way of doing this is simply to say “I’m going, it’s going to be good, would you like to come”.
    • Thirdly, once we’ve invited someone, BRING them along - offer them a lift, so they arrive with a friend rather than alone.

    Once we’ve personally invited people, then use other means of communication to remind people about what is happening and when and where, so producing posters and invitations can help reinforce the personal invitation. We've included some A4 posters below, which you could enlarge for notice boards; reduce to use as flyers or include in your parish magazines or notice sheets.

    Here are things that we hope will help you to communicate about Crossroads, both with the people you invite to events and with the local media and on social media. Keep checking back as we will keep adding to these as more items are prepared: Later, we will try to add pages with all the events taking place across the diocese.


    • Poster for the Crossroads Commissioning Service on Thursday 8th September at 2.00pm to which everyone is welcome is here.
    • Poster for the Crossroads Celebration at 4.00pm on Sunday 11th September to which everyone is invited is here.
    Below are some templates and event posters that you can print, or reduce to A5 for flyers or magazine pages.
    • Template poster that you can adapt for your own use for an event is here
    • Template poster for a Men's breakfast for you to adapt as you wish is here.
    • Template poster for a "Grill a Bishop" evening for you to adapt as you wish is here
    • Logos for Crossroads and Blackburn Diocese can be found here

    Social media, websites and press

    • Websites
      • Banners that you can use on your website, as well as social media 'widgets' (to use on Facebook and Twitter for example) can be found on and downloaded from this page
      • Make sure you promote Crossroads prominently on your website homepage (if your church has a website). Promote your local Crossroads events clearly and remember to link to the Diocesan website as well to demonstrate to casual readers that your event is part of something much bigger.
    • Press and media
      • The event as a whole will be promoted to the regional and national media by Diocesan Communications Manager Ronnie Semley alongside colleagues from other visiting Dioceses.
      • There are hundreds of events however and it will be impossible to promote every single one, so feel free to contact your local media about what is happening at your church. A basic template Crossroads press release has been produced for this purpose and can be downloaded here ...
      • Advice from Ronnie about how to write a press release can be found on this page
    • Social media
      • On the build-up to Crossroads, and throughout the event itself, you should maximise the use of social media - for example, to profile events and engage with people to introduce them to Jesus. 
      • If you have a church Facebook page and Twitter account for example, make sure you post details about your events and respond to any requests for more information. The same goes for any other social media you are using, such as YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. 
      • The standard hashtag (#) for the whole of Crossroads is #crossroadslancs - use it as often as you can so your information can be picked up on the Diocesan-wide accounts and further afield on national Church of England accounts as well.
      • Also use the social media 'widgets' that have been pre-prepared (link above)
      • There are currently three main Diocesan social media channels - Twitter (@cofelancs); YouTube and Flickr. For Crossroads, which is an annual event in a different Diocese each year, there is also an additional Twitter account (@crossroads_info) 
      • If you do use Twitter, follow @cofelancs and @crossroads_info and for maximum impact please include @cofelancs and @crossroads_info in your tweets (as well as the hashtag #crossroadslancs of course).

    Other advice to 'Get Your Church Noticed' during Crossroads (and beyond)

    Following the 'Get Your Church Noticed' training day, with Ronnie Semley and Neil Pugmire, his colleague from Portsmouth Diocese, there is lots more useful, common sense communication information and advice available from the communications pages of the website here 

    Articles to download and use in parish magazines, on websites, anywhere!

    The following are some useful articles that be downloaded and used on your parish and school websites and in other local communications such as your parish magazine ...

    Other resources

    There is other information about Crossroads on the diocesan website, which you can access from these links:

    • To find out more about Crossroads and answers to frequently asked questions, click here
    • To find further resources to help you, including a daily prayer sheet, click here
    • You can access the Crossroads Mission Preparation Guide by clicking here

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