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Welcome to our Diocese from Bishop Julian, The Bishop of Blackburn

Welcome to the website of the Diocese of Blackburn, the Church of England in Lancashire. 

As a Diocese we are working together for our 'Vision 2026: Healthy Churches Transforming Communities'.

On the right of this page you will find links to all the current and archived material for all our Vision work. Please take some time to browse the pages and familiarise yourself with our important Vision work.

Our Diocese, originally part of the Manchester Diocese, was created in 1926. So for nearly nine decades prayer and worship has been offered throughout the region, not only on Sundays but every day. Throughout this time we have tried to tell and show the people of Lancashire that God loves them, not just now but for ever.

This continues now and in the future as we work to live out our new vision under the mission statement 'Healthy Churches Transforming Communities' and with the key aims of making disciples of, being witnesses to and growing leaders for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Our website will show you that we are a busy diocese, including very varied communities across almost 900 square miles of North West England - an area virtually the same as the county. Our 250 parishes stretch from the Irish Sea to the Yorkshire border, and from the edge of Merseyside and Greater Manchester, north to Cumbria.

The Church, of course, is the people of God, and every week some 34,000 gather in our churches to worship Him and to be equipped to serve Him in their communities and places of work and recreation. We are also pleased that every week we welcome some who are enquiring about the Christian Faith.

We hope you will be blessed as you read about the life and work of the Church of England in Lancashire, and I pray that you may find something here that will help you in your response to the invitation of Jesus Christ to 'come, follow me'. Thank you for your interest and please now take a moment to browse the material below about our vision for the Diocese - Healthy Churches Transforming Communities

Background to Vision 2026: Healthy Churches Transforming Communities

Bishop Julian originally presented our vision for the future of the Diocese to the Bishop's Leadership Team, Bishop's Council and Diocesan Synod over a period of several months in late 2014 and early 2015. He spoke to Synod about our vision on October 18, 2014, almost a year to the day since he first arrived in the Diocese as Bishop.
An initial summary document was handed out to all Synod representatives after that meeting for review, prior to a special 'Vision Synod Meeting' on February 7, 2015 and later ratification of the vision proposals at Synod in March 2015. 
A summary document was also made publicly available on the Diocesan website after Synod in October, alongside the longer vision document, and they were promoted in the local media, and via direct emails to parishes using existing Diocesan communications channels.

Comments were invited to

Scores of submissions were received; some from individuals and many from larger groups, such as Area Deaneries. Bishop Julian carefully considered all these submissions alongside his colleagues on the Bishop's Leadership Team. Revised documents were discussed at length at the special Synod in February 2015 and the outcome was very positive with full backing being given to proceed with Vision 2026.
  • For the full original Vision document click here 
  • For an A4 one page branded summary pdf of the Vision, please click here to download.
Vision 2026 is now up and running and drives everything we do across the County. On the right of this page there are links to a huge variety of resources and information pertaining to Vision 2026, both current and archived, including the Vision 2026 Study Course; the latest news and information; resources to promote Vision 2026; audio files of talks given by senior clergy and much more.
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