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Vision Champions

One of the ways in which the momentum of Vision 2026 will continue to build is through the growing network of Vision Champions. The Champions will be an encouraging voice as each parish seeks to take the opportunities presented by Vision 2026. Each parish is invited to nominate their Vision Champion.
I trust you will find the attached ‘job description’ of a Vision Champion helpful. If you are interested in the role - or know someone who is, please also take some time to browse the Vision pages around this page under the 'Home' menu on the website for a wealth of relevant material; including links to videos and more.
Bishop Julian
As Vision Coordinator, my role is to support the Vision Champions across the Diocese, whether they be in parishes, educational establishments, hospitals or other settings. During the year, there will be opportunities for the Vision Champions to meet together to share ideas as they encourage the local church to play its part in developing a local response to our Diocesan Vision.

We have a 'closed' Facebook Group that is being used by Vision Champions to keep in touch and share ideas and events with each other. Please contact me if you would like to be invited to join the group.
Dave Champness
e-mail address:

  • Job description for a Vision Champion. Click here.
  • Key Vision implementation principles. Click here
  • Six things that Vision 2026 is not (Bishop Julian's input to the Catholic Evangelism evening on 2nd December 2015). Click here
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  • 50 things that someone should experience in church before they are 100. Vision Champions' informal evenings' 'icebreaker' activity. Click here
  • Vision Champion update - July 2016 Click here

Heavenly Father, we embrace Your call for us to make disciples, 
to be witnesses and to grow leaders.  Give us eyes to see Your vision, 
ears to hear the prompting of Your Spirit and courage to follow in the footsteps of your Son, 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Copy of the Diocesan Vision prayer with actions. Click here
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