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Vision 2026 Study Course - Youth Companion


Welcome to the Youth Companion

The youth companion has been created to encourage churches to discuss the diocesan vision with young people aged 11-18yrs. It is not a separate course to the Diocesan Vision Course but instead is a collection of additional resources to help young people to engage with the course material. These materials may be used in sessions of existing youth groups or you may wish to form a group specifically to go through these sessions.

In the leaders’ notes for each session the Youth Companion is laid out in table format. The left hand column shows the original Vision Course and the right hand column shows the Youth Companion. It’s important when using the course material with young people that you think about the group, their knowledge, experience, faith development and preferred learning styles/approaches. You may decide that your group will engage well with the vision course material for adults and in fact you may be able to run an intergenerational course with people present aged 10-100! However, you may decide that your group would engage better with some of the alternative activities suggested in the youth companion.

In any one session you do not have to do all the activities on the left or all the activities on the right, for example, in the same session you may use the Bible passage discussion prompts from the left and the prayer activity ideas from the right. You can pick and choose based on your knowledge of the group.

We’re also aware that many youth groups don’t meet for an hour and a half each week so you may wish to use the material over more than five sessions or prioritise some aspects of the material over others. We would recommend prioritising the Bible passage, the Application exercises and discussion and the Prayer reflection.

We hope that you and your group enjoy using these course materials. If you would like to use these materials with your group but you are unsure how to adapt them to their needs please get in touch. Please also get in touch if you would be interested in follow-on materials for youth groups (get in touch by emailing

Kat Witham

Diocesan Youth Officer


Below are links to the Youth Companion material 


Front cover - Colour
Front cover - Black and White
Youth Companion Introduction
Youth Companion Session 1 - Healthy Churches
Youth Companion Session 2 - Transforming Communities
Youth Companion Session 3 - Making disciples of Jesus Christ
Youth Companion Session 4 - Being witnesses to Jesus Christ
Youth Companion Session 5 - Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

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