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Additional Policy Resources

Safeguarding information to supplement the Diocese of Blackburn’s Safeguarding Policy.
See the main safeguarding support pages for context and the main policy.
Support for parishes seeking criminal record history for applicants from overseas.

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

General statement of Safeguarding Children in Towers
The National Church summary of requirements for Bell Ringers
Guidance on managing safeguarding concerns, how to respond and report them, even if you are not ‘officially’ responsible for safeguarding in your parish.
This guidance is intended to inform parishes about some of the elements that contribute to ensuring a safer culture is developed and reflects the good practice that should be seen.
One of the key principles embedding best practice in relation to safeguarding is ensuring that information relating to concerns is shared with/or between relevant bodies in order to potentially protect children, young people and adults at risk. This article gives related guidance.
Activities and environments always carry a risk this guidance seeks to provide a way to assess and minimise these.
Guidance for those working with groups of children and young people, as to the recommended number of supervising adults needed, and good practice when working with groups.
This information applies to all those in the Diocese of Blackburn who are to be appointed to roles which involve working, either paid or on a voluntary basis, with vulnerable groups – children/young people and/or adults at risk.
The use of social networking sites, mobile phones and emails are popular methods of communicating amongst children and young people. It is therefore important that certain safeguards are put in place by the parish. This link will take you to the Diocesan e-safety and acceptable use policy.
Safeguarding guidance for those undertaking parish activities in a home environment, or working with individuals or groups of vulnerable people.
Guidance for those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults on First Aid.
Safeguarding guidance for parishes undertaking off-site visits, sleepovers in church, or transporting vulnerable groups.
Guidance for parishes on what to do if a child attends parish activities unaccompanied, or has not been collected at the end of a session.
All those who work with children, young people or vulnerable adults, or are responsible for those who do, must take part in safeguarding training.
Information regarding all safeguarding training and who should attend is on our Safeguarding Training web page.
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