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Exploring Renewable Energy


The basic principles of energy are described in a simple but effective way in this video clip:

The Story of Energy


2 mW Wind Turbine, Garstang

On 14 September 2012, wind turbines connected to the National Grid produced over 80 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity, just over 10% of total UK generation. This was far from being a one-off: with more than 4,000 turbines both on and offshore now connected to the grid, wind produced 48 GWh of usable electricity per day on average during September, adding up to about 6% of overall daily national electricity requirement. On many days, wind is now the fourth-largest source of UK electricity, after coal, nuclear and gas. Indeed, this figure is a significant underestimate, because about two gigawatts of wind are connected directly to local networks and so not directly visible to National Grid. (The Guardian 26-9-2012)


Operation Noah are issuing a challenge to the UK government over the way it supports renewable energy projects.

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Revd. Chris Halliwell, Diocesan Rural and Environmental Project Officer  January 2013

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