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These pages contain useful information for wardens, PCCs and copies of the briefing slides about the roles and responsibilities of Churchwardens.  

Information about the DAC and online faculty system is here.  The presentations given at recent briefings are below.

Other useful information is on the pages Church Buildings and Parish Information and Financial Pages.  We have recently put a matrix of all the data and other information returns together.  It may be useful to have this as an aide memoire in the parish minute book.  It can be found here

The Church of England Parish Resources site is here.  

The 2016 copy  of Archdeacons Visitation News is here 

The Archdeacons  suggest this booklist for Churchwardens and PCC members - many might be available second hand via the usual websites.  You could also ask if previous wardens have a copies they could pass on to you.

The PCC Secretaries Handbook is here

There will be two Briefings for Churchwardens in June, one in each Archdeaconry.  On 5 June at 7pm, the Lancaster Archdeaconry Briefing will take place in the Regimental Chapel, Lancaster Priory, Priory Close, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ.  The Briefing for the Blackburn Archdeaconry will be held on 19th June at 7 pm at St James Lower Darwen, Stopes Brow, BB3 0QP.  Wardens are invited to attend either briefing.  

Please advise Gillian Beeley if you are able to attend. 

 June 2016 PCC Trustee Information (Slide presentation)

June 2016 PCC Church Representation Rules (slide presentation) 

 The online version of the Church Representation Rules is on the Church of England website and can be found here

  June 2016  New Churchwardens Presentation

   June 2016 - Churchwardens' Primary duties

Faculty Briefings

Introduction to the briefings, an overview of the Online Faculty System and further information 

Further Guidance

At a PCC training evening, a query was raised regarding employees holding a Bishop's licence and their inclusion on the PCC. Information can be found here.

A matrix showing the information returns required by the Church of England, the Charity Commission and the Diocese is here 




  Archdeacons' Presentation regarding the Fees Measure 2013
Up to date fees tables are here together with information about parish finances.
Hiring Church Premises
Many Churches are involved in hiring out all or part of their premises. It is important that this is done correctly to protect all concerned. The Template policy below would be a good starting point, but would need to be adopted, and reviewed regularly, by the PCC.
In addition the parish will need to go through the policy and change / insert appropriate parts.
The PCC will need to decide: 
  • Are there any excluded groups from lettings – beware of the Equality Act though. You may for example agree that there should be no commercial business transacted from the premises (dodgy carpet sellers for example)
  • What their premises licence allows (sale of alcohol?)
  • What the charging rates are going to be for
    • Church related groups
    • Other Voluntary groups
    • Individuals
    • Commercial lets
  • Which rooms are available – if there is more than one
Other items are usually in red in the documents if they need to be amended before use.
Please note also that the policy only becomes enforceable if a hiring fee (no matter how small) is charged.
2016 Premises Letting Policy and Documentation
Other information 
 Quinquennial Inspection Report

 Report of the working party on metal theft - Church Buildings Council


Lead Theft

  1. As from July 2011 our churches insured by EIG are NOT insured for lead theft
  2. A church must be SMARTWATERED to be insured for lead/copper theft – and that is up to £5k for replacement, and up to £5k for water damage in any one year
  3. If a church has an approved roof alarm then the sums allowed become £10k for repair of lead/copper, and up to £10k for water damage in any one year
  4. When there is scaffolding for any reason you must contact Ecclesiastical and get advice and protection

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