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Yet more from the Awareness Foundation

After Citizens of Two Kingdoms and The Diversity Code we now have a short programme : Speak Out! How to articvulate your faith, and why

This can be run as a Day or Half- day workshop, or as six individual sessionsof about an hour each.

All the marterial are available in a booklet and DVD. (Worksheets are on the DVD for you to print out as needed).

Print off this leaflet and then get in touch with Ed Saville for materials for any of the courses


Part 2 - The Diversity Code now available!!

Some of you will have already used Citizens of Two Kingdoms - the first part of the Awareness Course. If you haven't just have a read below and if it's for you get in touch - they are still available and are still free!

The good news is that the second part is now available, AND The Diversity Code is still FREE!

It uses the same format as the previous course: DVD, Leaders notes and workbooks for participants; and seeks to explore the key question 'How does the Bible help us deal with the diversity we find around us today?'

The 8 sessions - covering

  • Cracking the Code
  • The Call of Abraham
  • The Samaritan Woman at the Well
  • The Syro-Phoenician Woman
  • St Paul Cracks the Diversity Code
  • St Paul and Diversity
  • The Power of Diversity
  • Diversity and an Abundant Life

last between 60 and 90 minutes; and can fit in well with a parishes Bible Study, House Group or other programme of nurture.

If you want to have a look at this NEW material ~ or at the original Citizens of Two Kingdoms contact Ed Saville @ St Mary's House


Citizens of Two Kingdoms

New Leaflet to advertise the course.

How do we, as Christians, make sense of the modern world?

Are we part of it?

Or are we against all it stands for?

How do we talk to people of no faith about our own?

Or do we just walk away and not engage with their comments?

The Awareness Course – Citizens of Two Kingdoms – helps us to address some of these issues.

It can be used instead of Alpha, or as a follow up to Alpha.

Archbishop Temple is reputed to have said, "The Church is the only organisation which exists primarily for its non-members." If this is to be true today then the members of the Church need to be fully resourced to enter into dialogue with those non-members of other faiths and of none.

The Awareness Course (Citizens of Two Kingdoms) is an 8 session course for people with little (or no) faith or great faith, which aims to make the 21st century relevant to Christianity today and Christianity relevant to the 21st century.

Dealing with issues such as:

  • · The conflict of cultures in the Third Millennium
  • · Living in a Global Village
  • · Fear, Faith and Change,
  • · The Culture of God and the Cultures of the world;

it seeks to empower church members so that they are better able to enter into discussions with people about contemporary issues.

Normally the Awareness Course would come at a price, however we are able to make it available to all groups within the Diocese (including our ecumenical partners) free of charge. This includes all the easy to use resources, booklets and the DVD, and extra funding to cover advertising if you wish.

Whilst it is ideal for Presence and Engagement parishes; and those who are struggling to make meaningful connections between different cultures in the world it should not be thought to be restricted to them. All of our parishioners need to be secure in their faith if we are to grow as a Diocese; this is ideal to establish that security.

If you want to look at some of the programme your Area Dean has a copy of an introductory pack, and there is a website connected to the course: follow the links to the Awareness Course.

If you wish to use the course, please contact Revd Ed Saville at Diocesan Offices, ; do not order directly from the Awareness Foundation – it may cost money.

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