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Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns

Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns is committed through its network of Diocesan Link Partners to raise the profile of minority ethnic Anglicans in parishes, dioceses and local communities

It is also committed to seeking the development and empowerment of minority ethnic Anglicans and, in particular, fostering and encouraging vocations within the Church

There is an occasional paper ‘The Link’ which is available at

Vocations are often seen to be to the ordained ministry; but the profile of Minority Ethnic Anglicans needs to be raised in the life of the Church.

CMEAC ConferenceAre there any in your Church who could be:

  • members of the PCC
  • members of the Deanery or Diocesan Synods
  • members of General Synod?

May be that person is you!




Thinking about serving God?

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Need more information? We’re happy to help.
CMEAC, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ
Tele: 020 7898 1443 Fax: 020 7898 1431

CONTACT Revd Ed Saville 

Tele: 01254 503270

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