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SHAPEd for God’s Purpose
This 6 session course for Christian lay people, adapted from one created in the Diocese of Carlisle, helps Christian lay people to discover who they are and how they can grow in faith and serve God more fully in their everyday lives.
All documents are available here to run the course locally.
All the links for the participants on the SHAPEd for God's Purpose course are here.
A Menu of Resources:

Part of Vision 2026 is that people in our Diocese should become closer to God and grow as disciples. Two of the best ways to do this are by coming to know the Scriptures better through reading, preaching and study, and praying with greater urgency for the Kingdom of God to come. Here are some ideas that might help you to do this: 

Personal Bible Study:
'Whatever version (of the Bible) you are reading it is wonderful to learn more about God. Keep reading and keep learning - and then tell other people about it!' - Archbishop John Sentamu 
Click here for books, apps and online resources to help us to understand what we're reading in the Bible, and work out what it means in our own lives.
Bible Study with Other People:
'We all bring our own experiences to the Bible so it's really helpful to read the Bible with other people. You'll gain other people's perspective on what they think the Bible says' - Paula Gooder of the Bible Society
Click here for some ideas for Bible study in groups including details of the new Bible Book Club initiative from the Bible Society.
Private Prayer:
'Without prayer there will be no renewal of the church, and without a renewal of the church, there is very little hope for the world' - Archbishop Justin Welby
Different ways to pray suit some people better than others. Click here for some great websites, apps, and books to help us to pray.
Leading Prayers in Church:
'The time when the people of God join together to intercede for the whole word is an enormous privilege and responsibility. We have the awesome task of holding open to the Father those parts of his creation which stand in need of renewal' - John Pritchard, former Bishop of Oxford
Leading intercessions in church can feel like a big responsibility. Click here for some thoughts on how to lead intercessions, and prayers about particular issues.
Helping Congregations to Grow in Faith:
'This is not just another course. In fact, it's not really a course at all. It's more a process of changing and transforming the culture and ethos of a whole church' - Gordon Dey, Jesus Shaped People
Click here for programmes, ideas, and resources for congregations, that different churches within Blackburn Diocese have used and found helpful.

Additional Lay Learning Resources:
The Awareness Course. Details available here.
Enquirers' Courses. Details available here.

Other ways to learn more about ourselves and our faith are being developed - watch this space!
If you have any suggestions for resources or would like to have a chat about what resources are available, or how to encourage discipleship in your own church, please contact Mrs Mandy Stanton who is the Discipleship and Lay Ministry Development Officer. You can contact Mandy by email: or phone: 01254 503084.
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