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Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

This page contains links to the Online Faculty System, grants relating to buildings, and the quinquennial inspection report procedure as well as an introduction to the DAC.

Places of Worship: Security Funding Scheme
The Home Office is running a scheme for 8 weeks offering funding for protective security measures subject to application. Detailed information on how to apply can be found here  
The funding is only paid out when the works have been completed, which must be before 31 March 2017.
For further information please contact the DAC Secretary, Christine Ellis email: or telephone on 01254 503074.
For a statement about the recent incident in France and further advice from the Metropolitan Police please click the link below:
The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches
The DAC is a statutory body set up under the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991. Its main functions are to give advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship to the diocesan chancellor, the archdeacons and parishes. As the first stage of the Faculty Jurisdiction, the DAC considers faculty applications and advises the chancellor whether or not a faculty should be granted

The DAC also advises churchwardens, parishes and clergy who are planning work to their churches. This advice is given on a voluntary basis by members of the Committee, who have between them knowledge of the history, development and use of church buildings; liturgy and worship of the Church of England; architecture, archaeology, art and history and experience in the care of historic buildings and their contents. The committee members are supported by a team of consultants and specialist advisers

The DAC provides advice and support to parishes at all stages of projects, from initial thoughts, through fundraising and making a faculty application, to completion. It is recommended to consult the DAC as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and costs.

The DAC also needs to approve your chosen architect or surveyor for the Quinquennial Inspection and can provide you with a list of approved architects and surveyors.

Online Faculty System Information

  Online Faculty System - Training Workshop 2015  CLICK HERE
  A and B Lists - Training  CLICK HERE
  For further help and assistance on the new Faculty Rules, please CLICK HERE
 Training and Briefings
 Mini Maintenance Training - See attached Flyer and Application Form
  Grants and funding
  National Charitable Grants for Churches 2016  CLICK HERE
  The Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund  CLICK HERE
  The WREN Heritage Fund  CLICK HERE
  Church Scaffolding Checklist  CLICK HERE
  Quinquennial Inspections

  QIR Process and Procedures Flowchart

  1. Copy of QIR Process and Procedures Powerpoint Presentation
  2. QIR Guidance Notes
  3. QIR Guidance Notes Appendices
    1. Appendix One - Procurement Procedures for new Architect/Surveyor
      1. A: Prospective Architects/Surveyors Information Sheet
      2. B: Application Form for Professional Appointment
      3. C: Advert Template inviting applications from new Architect / Surveyor
    2. Appendix Two : Application to DAC from Architects/Surveyors for inclusion on DAC’s approved list of professionals

Temporary Faculty Application Flowchart

  Lead Theft

  1. As from July 2011 our churches insured by EIG are NOT insured for lead theft
  2. A church must be SMARTWATERED to be insured for lead/copper theft – and that is up to £5k for replacement, and up to £5k for water damage in any one year
  3. If a church has an approved roof alarm then the sums allowed become £10k for repair of lead/copper, and up to £10k for water damage in any one year
  4. When there is scaffolding for any reason you must contact Ecclesiastical and get advice and protection 

 Additional Information


 Useful contacts and links:

 Christine Ellis, DAC Secretary – 01254 503074
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