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The Church of England's website Churchcare aims to be a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the running of a church, offering advice on maintenance, repair, funding, legal matters and extended and community uses. This website is brought to you by The Archbishops' Council, serving the parishes of the Church of England. Some of their pages are linked to below:


Lead Theft

Ecclesiastical have prepared a leaflet to help Churches asses the theft of metal risk. Should your parish accumulate a high score would you please contact Alan Wilkinson or Ecclesiastical who may be able to suggest improvements in security

  1. As from July 2011 our churches insured by EIG are NOT insured for lead theft
  2. A church must be SMARTWATERED to be insured for lead/copper theft – and that is up to £5k for replacement, and up to £5k for water damage in any one year
  3. If a church has an approved roof alarm then the sums allowed become £10k for repair of lead/copper, and up to £10k for water damage in any one year
  4. When there is scaffolding for any reason you must contact Ecclesiastical and get advice and protection

Ecclesiastical Insurance are recommending that we consider putting alarms on our churches to protect from lead theft. Lead theft is rampant at the moment – and so we need to do everything we can to protect property and deter theft. Smartwater is one thing – but a roof alarm is another. Ecclesiastical Insurance are recommending an alarm system by E-Bound AVX Ltd. With so much lead theft around the DAC feels that all PCCs should be made aware of this system. Ecclesiastical Insurance may be prepared to help churches in installing such a system with reduced premiums, and increased payments for lead theft if it should occur after installation of such a system. This is well worth looking into

Quinquennial Inspection

 Every five years, a Parish is required to undertake a Quinquennial inspection.  This should be conducted by your architect, and submitted electronically by them to the DAC.  The DAC will advise the Parish whether the report is sufficient, at which point the architect's invoice should be paid.  Further details on the process are available from Christine Ellis, 01254 503 074 or

Contact Details

Diocesan enquiries relating to Church Buildings and Churchyards - Christine Ellis: 01254 503 074

Ecclesiastical Insurance enquiries - Alan Wilkinson: 0845 777 3322

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