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Connecting with Men

Connecting with Men

Here are a few suggestions to start laying good foundations for a good and Godly mens work

But before you read through this - just know it takes time - often a lot of time. On average research has shown that it takes 6-7 years for a man to move from a postion of first hearing about Jesus to putting their faith in Him. So be patient - with yourself, with him/them, with God! Be prepared for a slow burn, and the long haul and walk with them

But God is calling men and He will use us to draw them to Him and faith in his Son Jesus

3 things!!

3 Fundamental things to help make conections with men

1. Fun - Men are big kids at heart and most if us like to have fun. That's why we get excited about our new toys/tools/cars/gadgets and we like company and being active. So as you start mens' work - look to do things that men will like to do - a darts evening at a local pub, a beer & curry night, Boys 'n their Toys afternoon. Men like to gather so give them a reason to gather - to watch a footy game or similar. And it takes time! So make time and enjoy the time!


2. Food - We're simple beasts at heart and we like food. If you want to guarantee a good turn out at an event then build it around food. But make sure its good food, well presented, in a good comfortable place. Paper plates in a cold bare church hall are unlikely to win attention or a desire to return


3. Faith - Beware of just doing the first 2 but not doing the 3rd. The danger is you end up with JUST a social club, where it becomes an embarrassment to mention the name of Jesus. That's not the right or best culture to develop. My experiences is this - if you're straight, honest, genuine and yourself, you can talk about God. In fact they'll start talking about God! So do it from day 1 so it becomes part of the culture. Different events will have diferent levels of input, but make faith a part of it. I've just started running regularly with a bloke. At the end of the first run I simply asked 'So how can I pray for you today?' Ina few weeks he's moved from just listening to me pray for him and his family to praying for me, the work at church, his work and all the rest

If you are starting from scratch then apart from the foundational and obvious (pray, - ie. talk to God about the men around you and on your heart, pray for opportunities to meet, mix and mingle), think and look for ways to connect with men. Generalisations are awful but men are normally active, social, 'doers', 'lets have a go'

Talking about God

Deepening Faith

Making Disciples

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